December 01, 2011

Cheese. Meet People. People. Eat Cheese.

I have had a many years long love affair with cheese.  Ever since the Herve Mons class was given for my Whole Foods Market (WFM) Specialty Team, of which I was but a Team Member, at my Ann Arbor, MI store I have been hopelessly in lust with the stuff.  I won't wax poetic about knowing since childhood that cheese was my destiny (add dramatic flair here).  Because I didn't.  Cheese, until about 4 years ago, was a tasty condiment, right up there with ketchup, or a festive treat ala the Pepperidge Farms holiday cheese ball.  I did live for that cheese ball every Christmas, however.  Hardly the grounds for an adulthood cheese obsession.  
Frankly I had always thought my true calling was in academia.  Slogging through grading papers or lecturing on the finer points of the French Revolution.  It wasn't until having hauled my life across the country to be with the man of my dreams and a few unfulfilling jobs later that I resettled into the life of a Cheese Monger.  It was then, and really only then, I realized that what I loved doing (selling, eating, talking about, sharing cheese, etc.) could be a legitimate living.  I can have my cheese and eat it, too! (harhar)
Thus, here I am.  Shouting from my proverbial mountain top about all things curdy and delicious.  Lets be reasonable here though.  I cannot start a blog about cheese without filling you, dear reader, in about all the wonderful things associated with cheese.  Heavenly micro brewed beers, spicy compotes, more-than-your-average-Ritz crackers, shamefully good charcuterie...oh the list could go on and on.  My capacity to talk endlessly about food is only slightly less than my daily intake of oxygen.  That is to say it is vast.
Here I fully intend to channel the enthusiasm for cheese that causes my mothers eyes to glaze over after 15 minutes of steady verbal stream.  I bring you my best of cheese. Even my worst of cheese.  Blogging is, in essence, about opinions. When it comes to cheese, boy do I have them.
I also welcome your comments, ideas, and cheese you can't live without.  Without the reader this blog remains just another Internet foodie backwater.
So here's to the beauty of a good wheel of the moldy stuff in all of it's satisfyingly delicious forms.

What I'm Currently Eating. Rogue Creamery's Crater Lake Blue

The sun comes up over Cheese Island at The Mighty Arb where I got my start.