July 25, 2012

Hello, July. I love you.

Bijou Goat Button.  Vermont Butter and Cheese Co.
July.  I love you.  But you keep me so busy.  That's okay, though.  You bring fresh Crottin style cheese into my life.  I know that May has a better grip on goat cheese.  With it's sweet spring grasses and lovely flowers for lady goats to munch on.  Resulting in chevre that is sweet and gentle.
  July, don't fret, I adore the sun-dried grass and lip-puckering citrus you lend to my little chunk of goat cheese.  I'll take a chance and pair fresh Washington cherries along side.  
Tart and heavenly sweet together can't possibly be wrong. 

July 04, 2012

Breakfast. Simply.

Bonne Bouche, Palisade Peaches, Bing Cherries, Black Pepper Water Crackers
  Meet my breakfast.  It is a far cry from the cult of bacon and eggs.  It is perfection.  
A handful of heady in-season stone fruit and an earthy piquant puck of well aged Bonne Bouche are what breaking the nightly fast should be.  I often forget to slow down and savor the morning.  To turn off my various screens and let in the cool dry air.  To putter amongst the handiwork of my tiny garden.  
To just be with my Fiancee, a cup of coffee, and a leisurely meal shared.  
Taking the time to eat, truly eat, what we've set before us. 

July 03, 2012

Vine Street Brews.

Lookit that lace.
 Playful citrus, clove, and candied banana notes.  Circus peanut even made a brief show.  All kickin' flavors when it comes to a well rounded Hef.  The only beer to end a 100 degree high desert day.  Pair with Humboldt FogLamborn Bloomer or a nice puck of Capricho de Cabra