May 22, 2013

Bloody Mary Week: Classic B.M. w/Capricho de Cabra + Manchego Stuffed Olives

     As the cocktail train keeps rolling I realize that I should have labeled this "Garnish Week"  being that it's what I'm most excited about in these Bloody Mary's.  I am pretty stoked about today's offering.  
    What we have here is an olive stuffed with a mixture of Capricho de Cabra and One Year Aged Manchego.  That's right, I'm mixing milks here.  Goat Cheese + Sheep's Milk Cheese = Love (Forever).  I told you it would get crazy in here this week.  
    The Capricho is bright and balanced, with a touch of that familiar lemon zest of fresh goat cheese.  Meanwhile the Aged Manchego adds depth and fatty-earthy aroma.  Together they make my favorite stuffed olive yet.

 Olives w/Capricho de Cabra and 1 Year Aged Manchego

Pitted Olives
(Green works best with this variation)
Capricho de Cabra, plain
1 Year Aged Manchego

  • Bring Capricho and Manchego to room temperature.  About 20 minutes out of the fridge.
  • Drain and pat dry olives.
  • Shred Manchego using a hand held cheese grater
  • Mix 1 part Capricho with 2 parts shredded manchego
  • To stuff the olive roll a pinch of the cheese mixture in the palm of your hand and gently poke it into the  olive. 
  • To get the pretty "snowball" effect from the photos dip the large end of the stuffed olive into any remaining Manchego shreds.  This is also good for extra Manchego flavor.  
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