May 20, 2013

Bloody Mary Week: A Classic B.M. with Gorgonzola + Almond Stuffed Olives

    At long last the Great Bloody Mary Week has arrived!  Inspired by warmer weather and a love of mid-morning I couldn't resist featuring this brunch-time classic.  Not only is the Bloody Mary a favorite cocktail of mine it's an awesome vechicle for exotic garnish.  More so than your average plain martini.  Which, for myself, ends up being a glass of olives moistened with spirits.  Seriously.  
    As I'm sure you can predict I was motivated to discover what fancy extra bits I could adorn my Bloody Mary with when I planned out this week long feature.  So brace yourself, it's about to get crazy up in here.
    I'll start with the garnish (duh).  This was a bit more on the "Classic with a twist" side of things.  The picant finish and wet-crumble of the Gorgonzola adds interest to the drink.  While the almonds help sooth some of the heat.  This is really a texturally exciting and delicious bit of decoration.

Gorgonzola + Almond Stuffed Olives

Pitted olives of choice, drained and patted dry 
(I chose plain green)
Gorgonzola, room temperature 
(I chose an aged version for more bite)
Almonds, sliced and blanched

  • Crush one part almond into two parts Gorgonzola.  
  • Mash together with a fork until well combined.
  • To stuff the olives I've heard of bartenders using wide, plastic mouthed syringes (like those used to give animals liquid medicine. Weird, I know) to pipe in the filling.
  • However I just gracelessly used my well cleaned hands to poke the cheese and almond mixture in.  
  • Slide your freshly stuffed olives onto a skewer with other garnish of your choice.
  • Place on top of your Bloody Mary know what to do next.  

The Bloody Mary recipe was adapted from Martha Stewart's.  To make the Board and Wire version combine the following.

TBAW Bloody Mary

8oz. Tomato Juice 
1/2 t Tabasco
1/2 t Prepared Horseradish
1/2 t Worcestershire Sauce
1 T Lime Juice 
(or juice from 1 crushed lime)
1 shot of Vodka

  • Put all ingredients together in a 16oz tumbler.
  • Stir well to combine.  
  • You may want to leave the spoon in since the horseradish tends to sink to the bottom of the glass after a time.
  • I also recommend salting the rim of your glass with course salt.  I am occasionally the junkie for savory things.

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